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Information about the place:

Kuyumdzhioglu`s House ,an Ethnological museum - It is one of the most remarkable Revival houses which is preserved in our lands it is the home of the Plovdiv merchant, Argir Kuyumdzhioglu. It was built in 1847. It reflects the taste of the rich Plovdiver. Thr building`s living area is 570 square meters and it consists of a main housing part and a farm extension on its southern side. There are a marble fountain and a well in the beautifully planted and grassed yard. The entrance is formed with a portico projecting in front, which is caused by the emphasized going out of the second floor parlour in the area. This baroque technique is wonderfully combined with the exquisite curve of the three pediments and the forefront painted with decorations. The first floor hall is of enormous size – 18.5/11 m. The spacious rooms and drawn walls are decorated with wooden ceiling of geometrical shapes, fabulous wood-carved “suns” and elegantly curved “French-fashions”. “The Chamber Music International Festival” is conducted every year in the house`s yard. At present, The Ethnographical Museum is located in the Kuyumdzhioglu`s House.The exposition shows the rich material and spiritual culture of the Plovdiv region, which historically covered the territory between Stara Planina (Old Mountain) and the Middle Rhodope and from the upper stream of Maritsa river to the Chirpan uplands. The development of the agriculture, crafts and trade is traced back.The exposition also presents the great variety of the folklore culture – clothes, fabrics, embroideries, music and dances of the main ethnographic groups in the area – Thracians andthe people from Rupite (a small mountainous protected area in the southeastern part of Blagoevgrad Province, Bulgaria). The museum treasures over 40 000 movable monuments of culture.


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