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Information about the place:

Nebettepe (Nebet Hill) –The remains of the ancient Thracian town, Eumolpias, lie here.  It has grown up as one of the first city centers in south-east Europe. Basic components that are characteristic for the towns of that time have been found – strong fortified walls that have surrounded sanctuaries and an aristocratic palace. The most ancient part of the fortress is very interesting – a stone construction without solder, consisting of roughly-made surface blocks. Nebettepe covers the north part of the Three-hill Massif. There are preserved remakes of the north fortified wall form the time of Justinian the Great (VI century). The wall has had a constructed “poterna” - a small gate with a secret vaulted exit, which had stairs leading to the hill`s foot and the south bank of Maritsa river. The fortified walls of Nebettepe have been also remade in the Middle Age. The reconstructions during the Second Bulgarian State are very obvious. At that time big water depots were discovered. One of them is very impressive – a rectangular water depot with an arched cover and a capacity of 300 000 liters.


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