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Archeological Underpass

Archeological Underpass - It is a floor decoration of an aristocratic home from the end of the III-rd century. It is known as "Eirene" House because there has been found  an image of a woman signed with that name. Having a peristyle plan, the residential building was a typical representative of the rich city house in Philipopolis. The mosaics of the residential building combine pictorial elements from the east and west Roman provinces. They testify to the existence of a local mosaic work shop.

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Icon Gallery

Icon Gallery – It is located in a separate building in the yard of the oldest Plovdiv Orthodox temple – the church “Saints Constantine and Helena”. The gallery consists of icons from the middle of XV-th to the end of XIX-th century. Most of the icons were from southern Bulgaria. The exposition “Icons” is created in 1975.

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City Art Gallery

It was designed by Joseph Shnitter and was built in 1882. It has eight halls, which accommodate a permanent exposition of around 230 pictures, works of famous Bulgarian painters. They reflect the Bulgarian art development from the years after the Revival to the end of XX-th century. There is a special attention to the representatives of Plovdiv art school – Zlatyu Boyadzhiev, Dimitar Kuzmanov, Tsanko Lavrenov, Petko Abadzhiev, Yoan Leviev, Dimitar Kirov, Encho Pironkov, Georgi Bozhilov, etc. The museum fund treasures works of a number of foreign authors. The sight presented here has since been reconstructed.


Chifte Banya (Old-time Baths) – a contemporary art center

It was an old Turkish public baths built in XVI century. It was called “Chifte” (English - pair) because there were men`s and women`s rooms. The archaeological research shows that there was a church from the early Middle Age near that place. The famous slab from an altar barrier with pictures of a lion and a lioness was found there. It is treasured in the City Archaeological Museum. The building of the bath is used as an interesting center of contemporary art.