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Information about the place:

The house is emblematic for Plovdiv`s cultural life. It is a host of many theatrical shows, concerts, exhibitions, literary premieres, and meetings with some of the most expressed Bulgarian writers. Its unique atmosphere is a symbol of love and attentive attitude to the values of art and their creators. This fabulous building was constructed at the beginning of 19th century. It is located on the corner between Chetvarti Yanuari Street, Doktor Stoilov Street and Antranik Street. The big gate on the street side and its opposite door on the yard side lead into an oblong corridor with a high ceiling. Round it there were some farm and household premises. An inner ladder leads to the upper floor, which takes a person away into a large glazed parlour. Its middle part is the most impressive, with a richly decorated wood-carved ceiling. Round the parlour there are four rooms having unique atmosphere. They are upholstered with restored antique furniture, fabrics and other things demonstrating the taste and means of the rich Plovdiv citizens.


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