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Information about the place:

This remarkable Revival home was built in 1863, entirely in the style of the European classicism. Yet, some foreign explorers have a good reasons to compare the building  to an Italian Palazzo from the Renaissance. Its owner was the famous merchant and Revival social figure, Nikola Nedkovich. The forefront of the house is richly decorated with a solemn four-column portico with round arches. The most remarkable places in the inner part of the house are the symmetrically located rooms with ceilings ornamented in geometrical style and richly painted walls. The rooms are richly decorated and they have a strict specific purpose. "The Green Room" is the woman`s, "The Red Room" is the drawing room, "The Purple Room" is the dining room and "The Orange Room" is the sitting room. The rooms situated to the yard are drawn with landscapes and views of different European cities. Today, Nedkovich`s House is furnished in an exposition "Antique Urban Type", which represents the interior arrangement of the rich Plovdiv homes from XIX-th century. Furniture and personal belongings of Nedkovich family are exposed there.


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