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Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum – The archaeological treasure of ancient Thrace is kept here. During its existence the museum strengthens its position as a second in size and significance museum with a fund of over 80 000 museum units. There are exponents of national and world importance, such as a rich collection of Neolithic ceramics and religious plastic  Continue reading »

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Chifte Banya (Old-time Baths) – a contemporary art center

It was an old Turkish public baths built in XVI century. It was called “Chifte” (English – pair) because there were men`s and women`s rooms. The archaeological research shows that there was a church from the early Middle Age near that place. The famous slab from an altar barrier with pictures of a lion and  Continue reading »

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The Antique theatre

The Antique theatre is one of the main public works of the Old Philipopolis. Except being a cultural venue, it played an important role for the social and political life of the town and the Roman province of Thrace. It was built in the time of the Emperor Trajan at the beginning of the second  Continue reading »

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Regatta Venue

Regatta Venue is a unique sports center in the north-western part of the city. It is the biggest one on the Balkans. The center includes a stadium, a rowing canal, a covered swimming pool, opened and covered tennis courts and athletics track. You can get there by bus №10.